My name is Jo Zurita and I'm a Soul Revivalist. The self proclaimed Queen of Shadow Work (it's LITERALLY what I was born to do), I specialize in helping people work through fear-based limiting beliefs in order to reclaim their confidence and re-ignite the fire within their soul. Through Shadow Work, I help people face exactly what it is that is holding them back, and work with them to move through it; replacing it with the freedom to build the reality they've been dreaming of. I am a certified holistic tarot reader and crystal healer and incorporate energy work and rituals into all of my coaching sessions and courses; working with my clients to find the exact tools that allow them to make a full shift. I help people understand themselves better, love themselves more completely and realize the magnitude of their potential.

I have been reading tarot and practicing my craft for 20 years, and in living and sharing my passion, I have been able to help countless people along the way.

I am certified in NLP, EFT, T.I.M.E. Techniques, and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

I currently reside in the Verde Valley in Arizona, where I moved in 2016, because I knew it was what my soul needed, and I have never been happier. I live with my boyfriend and our dog, 6 birds and a rabbit and spend my time working with clients both locally and worldwide through my online services. I love to read, and am an avid photographer but my true passion is bringing the importance of Shadow Work to the world, which I do both on Instagram and on my YouTube Channel.