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Welcome to Shadow Work Essentials - a five day breakthrough course designed to teach you the basics of Shadow Work, the ground work of the process I've created around it and just how important Shadow Work is to the process of changing your life!
In this five day breakthrough course you're going to be guided through a deep internal transformation that's going to take you from self doubt, ego-based negative thoughts, and acting from a place of fear to self confident awareness, understanding your thoughts and how to shift into a positive mindset, and regaining control of your life so that you can release the ideas of fear and failure that have been holding you back from creating the relationship with yourself and others that you so deeply desire!

Self confidence, self love, empowerment all come from self understanding and that is EXACTLY what we're going to get you to in the next five days!

You're going to get to know yourself better, show your past, present and future self massive love and acceptance and learn how to control your internal reality so that you can change your external reality and start calling in the love you deserve.

So what's different about this course than any other self-love course?

Listen, I've seen the self-love gurus' methods. I've seen the affirmations and morning rituals and ideas for self-love dates and self-care routines. There's nothing wrong with these methods, they're all very practical and fun...but they're missing the vital element - depth.

Getting into a lavender scented bath with rose petals is great, but how much closer are you to understanding yourself? Probably not much, right? Right.

I teach you how to get to the root of things, so that you can change the negative programming running in your subconscious mind. This is the most effective method because we target the deep issues, not play around on the surface.

I know you're ready to dig deep because you're tired of repeating the same bullshit.

What's included:

  • Five days of audio and video guidance

  • Gorgeous workbooks that will help you ask yourself the powerful questions to reach that transformation

  • My personal, effective Shadow Work process that I've created to get to the root of your subconscious programming and then reprogram it

  • Deep internal transformation that will help you know, understand and love yourself at a deeper level so that you can create your desired relationship with yourself and others

  • Techniques on how to move through your obstacles rather than getting stuck around them or repeatedly butt your head up against them

  • You'll learn how to create your emotional state and how to control it when you feel a negative patter start to arise so that you can RESPOND rather than be reactionary

  • We'll go through mindset shift techniques so you can work through negative thoughts in real time and stop feeling like your just a by-product of your thoughts and emotions