WTF is Transformative Journaling, you ask?
Allow me to explain! Transformative Journaling is a process I used to create change and growth in my life, to heal old wounds and reach the root cause of my trauma.

Transformative Journaling isn't what you think!
This isn't a flashback to your teenage self, you won't find any "Dear Dairy" prompts here.

Frankly, the purely emoting style of journaling just isn't helpful!

In Transformative Journaling, we take it to the next level to get to the bottom of your triggers, trauma and subconscious programming so that you can shift your beliefs, step into your True Self identity and re-write your story!
This is a key component to Shadow Work and the CHAPTERS method I teach in Within Me: Journey Through Your Shadow to Find Your Light, my 60 day intensive course.

In fact, I've only ever taught this process in full to my students and private 1:1 clients and I'm so excited to bring this life changing practice to you!

I use this in my practice to this day and it's something that my clients and students love and use DAILY! Once you get the process down, you can literally use it for ANYTHING!

In this workshop we go over why emoting style journaling won't help you achieve your desired results and I break down every single step in the Transformative Journaling process - SIMPLE!

(You also receive a workbook to use too)